Voxaya is specialized in 3D micro-analysis and develops Voxilon, a software able to explore the inner structure of your material samples, without destroying them. It is able to rapidly analyze samples with a great accuracy
from their 3D images.

How does it work?

For whom?

Petrophysical properties of oil & gas fields can be determined by analyses of rock cores and plugs using Digital Rock Physics. These data are critical for quantifying, for instance, the volume of accessible oil in a given reservoir, or the cost of its extraction.

Non destructive 3D imaging enables to explore the interior of a rock sample, down to the microscopic scale at which flow and transport processes operates and control petrophysical properties. It is then possible to calculate these properties accurately by simulating these processes directly on 3D images thanks to Digital Rock Physics.


Image acquisition

X-ray tomography is a non destructive way to produce three-dimensional images of the interior of rock samples in a few dozen of minutes only. However, this technology generates huge volumes of data, which might eventually not be used efficiently. Voir plus

Image processing analysis

Image processing and analysis

Voxaya develops numerical simulation and analysis tools based upon 3D imaging, specially tailored for petrophysical applications. They enable to operate rapidly on very large images, without any limit of accuracy. It then makes possible to evaluate, for example, a rock sample permeability in a handful of minutes. Voir plus

Numerical simulation

Voxaya’s software is based upon the research of its founding team, combining experimental research, imaging and numerical modeling. We are particularly dedicated to leveraging the complementary nature of these different approaches to produce accurate analyses. We are also aware that it is of great importance to evaluate the uncertainty introduced by limitations of image acquisition equipment and numerical methods. Voir plus

Image processing analysis

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