Domingo worked at Voxaya as a business developer and R&D engineer.
He is now leaving the company for new adventures! It was a pleasure working with him and he brought a lot to the company.
Here is a little abstract of his experience at Voxaya!
Last week, Voxaya welcomed Anna Alperovich, a PhD student in computer vision and image analysis at Konstanz University, who contributed her expertise to the R&D team on image processing!
Want to know more about Anna and her experience at Voxaya?
Watch this short video!

Philippe Gabrion, Incubation director at AxLR (formerly LRI), talks about Voxaya’s history. LRI was one of the first partners who trusted Voxaya and its software Voxilon.

Six years later, Voxilon is ready and the sales are starting!

Thank you to LRI, for trusting us!

Have you ever struggled to import raw images without metadata?

With Voxilon, this is no longer a problem! You can import any image on the software with the auto detect metadata feature.

With Voxilon, digital rocks analysis has never been so easy!

Never get stuck again during a computation!

When simulations are running in Voxilon, you are still able to load a different sample, visualize images and even launch new computations.

Vanessa Hebert, as a geoscientist, will explain the benefits of Voxilon, the workflow-driven material analysis software. Intuitive and powerful, it is able to deliver material properties, in a few minutes only!

Vanessa Hébert was interviewed as a geologist founder of start-up for the magazine “Géologues” of the Société Géologique de France.
You can find the article “Voxaya, spécialiste de la pétrophysique numérique” in the special issue number 197 “Start-up in Geosciences”.

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Peer-reviewed article: L. Luquot, V. Hébert & O. Rodriguez, Calculating structural and geometrical parameters by laboratory measurements and X-ray microtomography: A comparative study applied to a limestone sample before and after a dissolution experiment, Solid Earth 7(2) :441:456, March 2016, DOI: 10.5194/se-7-441-2016

Peer-reviewed article: L. Luquot, O. Rodriguez, Ph. Gouze, Experimental Characterization of Porosity Structure and Transport Property Changes in Limestone Undergoing Different Dissolution Regimes, Transport in Porous Media (2014) 101:507-532, DOI 10.1007/s11242-013-0257-4

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On October 26th 2017, Olivier Rodriguez was interviewed on Radio AVIVA by Christophe Daubié. The podcast can be found here on Soundcloud.

Peer-reviewed article: V. Hébert, Ch. Garing, L. Luquot, Ph. Pezard & Ph. Gouze, Multi-scale X-ray tomography analysis of carbonate porosity, Gological Society, London , Special Publications (2015) 406 (1):61, DOI 10.1144/SP406.12