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Peer-reviewed article: L. Luquot, V. Hébert & O. Rodriguez, Calculating structural and geometrical parameters by laboratory measurements and X-ray microtomography: A comparative study applied to a limestone sample before and after a dissolution experiment, Solid Earth 7(2) :441:456, March 2016, DOI: 10.5194/se-7-441-2016

Peer-reviewed article: L. Luquot, O. Rodriguez, Ph. Gouze, Experimental Characterization of Porosity Structure and Transport Property Changes in Limestone Undergoing Different Dissolution Regimes, Transport in Porous Media (2014) 101:507-532, DOI 10.1007/s11242-013-0257-4

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On October 26th 2017, Olivier Rodriguez was interviewed on Radio AVIVA by Christophe Daubié. The podcast can be found here on Soundcloud.

Peer-reviewed article: V. Hébert, Ch. Garing, L. Luquot, Ph. Pezard & Ph. Gouze, Multi-scale X-ray tomography analysis of carbonate porosity, Gological Society, London , Special Publications (2015) 406 (1):61, DOI 10.1144/SP406.12