Voxaya develops numerical simulation and analysis tools based upon 3D imaging, specially tailored for petrophysical applications. Thanks to the algorithms that we have been developing for 15 years with the CNRS and the University of Montpellier, they enable us to operate rapidly on very large images, without any loss of accuracy. Integrated in a workflow-driven software, they make it possible to drastically reduce Digital Rock Physics computations and evaluate, for example, a rock sample permeability in a handful of minutes.

We are developing a user-friendly interface which considerably eases the use of our software by petrophysical experts without requiring expert skills in 3D imaging. Quantitative and qualitative analyses by 3D Digital Rock Imaging improve evaluation of rock reservoirs and understanding of structural and dynamic rock properties:

  • total, effective and isolated porosities;
  • pore size distribution;
  • solid and liquid phases statistics (volume, surface, Euler number, curvature);
  • tortuosity (geometric, hydraulic, diffusion);
  • formation factor;
  • diffusivity;
  • absolute permeability.