Aeronautic industry challenges

The aeronautics market is growing steadily. The industry big players are receiving more and more orders while delivery times are getting increasingly longer. In the age of Industry 4.0, the aeronautical companies are facing multiple challenges:

  • increase their production rate, to meet the growing demands, especially in commercial aviation;
  • offer products with higher and higher performances while reducing their energy consumption;
  • intensify R&D efforts to produce ever lighter parts of the highest quality;
  • decrease production costs, to stay competitive;

and in meantime, keep the aim of zero defect!

Voxilon for Aeronautic industry

This is why Voxaya designed Voxilon, the workflow-driven porous material characterization software from 3D imaging. Voxilon enables non-destructive material quality control throughout a component manufacturing, either during the prototyping phase or on the production line. A simple tomography X-ray image enables the software to investigate the material porosity.

With Voxilon, you will be able to:

Reduce the time-to-market of your parts, by performing fast non-destructive quality controls before and during production phase

Analysis of materials with complex geometry requires significant computation times. Thanks to its innovative algorithms, Voxilon can analyze images of several dozen billion pixels in a few hours only. It is able to perform multiple computations simultaneously and is ready to be deployed for cloud computing, allowing ever faster computations.

The implementation of scripts in the software also represents a considerable time saver. They make it possible to automate computations to be performed on a part, which can thus be controlled throughout the production chain.

Reduce the costs of quality control by replacing long and expensive destructive monitoring processes

Thanks to a high precision non-destructive technology, Voxilon analyzes the inside of your materials to detect anomalies that would be impossible to detect with other control processes.

Reduce return rates and anomalies by multiplying control points to identify the production steps involved in manufacturing defects

Voxilon enables you to control your parts at every production stage. Thus, when an anomaly is detected, changes and improvements can be performed directly.

With script management, it becomes easier and faster to automate the computations to be done at each production stage.

Use the same software for all your materials

Whether organic, metallic, plastic, ceramic, or composite materials, Voxilon is able to provide visualization and analysis of all your 3D images.

With Voxilon, quality control becomes
  • easier
  • faster
  • cheaper

The Institut de Recherche Saint-Exupéry already used Voxilon for manufacturing process industrialization of Ceramic Matrix Composite parts (CMC) for aircraft engines.

We want to integrate automated analysis on the production line to control the health of our parts.
Voxilon makes quick computations that fulfill our needs.

Gautier Mécuson


CMC project manager at IRT Saint-Exupéry

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