Thanks to Voxilon, the workflow driven material analysis software, Voxaya can realize your material analyses in shorter time. The company provides you full support during the whole service delivery. Whether you need a one-shot analysis or you want to test Voxilon’s performance, this can be your solution for non destructive testing of your materials.

How does it work?

customer specifications

1. Customer specifications

Explain your needs and the material properties you want to reveal. If your images haven’t been acquired yet, Voxaya will advise you on the most suitable device.
images acquisition

2. Image acquisition

X-ray tomography is a non-destructive way to produce 3D images of the interior of your samples in a few dozen minutes only. You can provide your own images or we can realize the image acquisition with the appropriate device according to your needs.
3D analysis

3. 3D micro-analysis

Thanks to Voxilon, Voxaya is able to realize 3D analyses of your material samples. Voxaya’s image processing algorithms enable rapid processing of very large and complex 3D images.
properties reporting

4. Properties reporting

Material properties are computed by Voxaya’s innovative technology, directly from these 3D images, in a few minutes only. These properties are important to understand a large variety of processes. Those are delivered in a report with an understanding support.

Customer benefits

  • Analyse your samples with a non destructive analyses
  • Choose the right acquisition service thanks to Voxaya’s support
  • Save time by realizing multiple computations simultaneously
  • Get results reporting and understanding support
  • Enhance your communication with visual results
A packston carbonate plug images by X-ray microtomography

Our achievements

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