Oil & Gas challenges

Core analysis has historically been held as the “ground truth” for petrophysical modeling.

With the advent of increasing recoverable resources and production rate, operators have to improve and develop core analytical techniques to accurately measure the quality of the reservoir rocks.

The combined use of both reservoir rock and fluid data are invaluable to oil and gas companies to determine the most efficient method to use to recover hydrocarbons and enable profitable and sustainable business decisions.

Important early evaluations from the reservoir characterization taking part in key decisions are:

  • appraise the initial volume of oil and gas in the reservoir;
  • understand the reservoir fluid flow behavior;
  • simulate the injection phases to assist the hydrocarbon recovery and thus maintain a satisfactory volume of produced resources.

Voxilon for Oil & Gas industry

Oil & gas industry constantly pursues cutting-edges advances in providing real-time data and analysis3D rock imaging associated to Voxilon, our digital rock analysis software, help achieve this goal.

X-ray computed microtomography is indeed a powerful tool that give an unequaled view of 3D porous media at micro- nano-scale. Voxilon provides a prompt quantification of both routine and special core analysis properties from these images.

This association offers a non-destructive petrophysical evaluation workflow to provide early time insight of reservoir characteristics at pore scale.

Voxaya focuses the development of Voxilon on integration facets in each stage of the exploration and production life cycle.

Voxilon brings:

Faster measurements of pore & fluid characteristics

Getting day-to-day analyses is crucial for a reservoir engineer.

Time required by traditional numerical simulations are reduced. Fast measurement involves more investigated images and thus more representative core volume.

Generate high-resolution reservoir properties logs.

Maximize the value of your images

Don’t choose which image will be the priority, analyze all of them. Enhance the value of all your data to exploit resources more efficiently.

Use a viable solution for detailed quantitative 3D image assessment.

Insightful data about flooding and chemical experiments

Preserve the reservoir state. Thanks to X-ray tomography, it is possible to scan cores while still in the core tubes, while temperature and pressure are increasing, or during fluid injection. Voxilon assesses in-place volumes and saturation.

Get detailed deliverables before lab analysis

Quickly scan 3D images. Facilitate your sub-sample selection.

Create a sampling virtual workflow to compare the reservoir intervals.

Multiply the analyses of these data. Uncertainty evaluation results in a solid characterization of cored intervals.

Track fluid distribution

Get data at every step of injection that can aid in characterizing the reservoir and understanding results and mechanisms during an experiment.

Localize fluid migration, helping guide petrophysicists on the reconstruction of accurate in-situ fluid saturations and retained oil within the rocks.

With Voxilon, get a myriad of digital rock analysis
  • easily
  • rapidly
  • efficiently
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