History of Voxaya

Voxaya was born in Montpellier from the collaboration of a postdoctoral researcher (Olivier Rodriguez), a PhD student in Geology (Vanessa Hebert) and a CNRS researcher (Philippe Gouze). They first met in 2011 in the Geosciences Montpellier laboratory where they worked together on porous rocks using 3D imaging. They experienced the lack of Digital Rock Physics solutions able to fill their needs. After a first market study, they discovered that they were surprisingly not alone. Thus they decided to combine their skills to develop their own software: Voxilon.

Voxaya's vision

At Voxaya, we are convinced that 3D imaging is the most powerful technique for non destructive structural analysis and will take a preeminent place in industrial processes in a near future.

The company carries a unique association of expertise and tools. Its software is based upon the research of its founding team, combining experimental research, imaging and numerical modeling. We are particularly dedicated to leveraging the complementary nature of these two approaches to produce accurate analyses. We are also aware that it is of great importance to evaluate the uncertainties introduced by limitations of image acquisition devices and numerical methods.

Voxaya's mission

We are committed to creating efficient and easy-to-use software that aim at making 3D imaging technologies straightforward to the greatest number of users, engineers and researchers.

Our values

What matters most to us as a team is to make work meaningful and efficient. We think that wellbeing at work is essential, that is why we strive to grow groundbreaking ideas in order to design products that are uncomplicated to use. Our team is bonded by a common passion for innovation, science and sharing.

Contests and prizes

Winner of Oseo startup competition montpellier

Oseo Startup Competition

Montpellier (France), 2012

Voxaya participates to i-lab startup competition final montpellier

i-Lab Startup Competition Final

Montpellier (France), 2015

Winner of France Tech Transfert Invest Paris

France Tech Transfer Invest

Paris (France), 2017

Voxaya participates to NETVA competition final boston

NETVA Competition Final

Boston (MA, USA), Jul. 2017

Voxaya participates to SPE ATCE startup competition final

SPE ATCE Startup Competition Final

San Antonio (TX, USA), Oct. 2017

Voxaya participates to european venture contest final dusseldorf

European Venture Contest Final

Düsseldorf (Germany), Dec. 2017

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