Scientific image database manager

Voxilon Lite is the solution you need to effortlessly organize and manage your scientific image database.

Voxilon Lite Key benefits

Seamless import

seamless import

Do not wait and start visualizing your data while your largest 3D images are being imported thanks to Voxilon Lite batch import

Much more than images

more than image

Enrich your image collection
by attaching your own data files
or adding tags
in Voxilon Lite database

Multi-criteria search

multi-criteria search

Instantly find relevant content
Cross-search data and metadata
with Voxilon Lite search and filters

Seemless import

Drag & drop import
Save clicks, save time.

Advanced import
Crop, resample, reorient or convert your images directly at import.

Smart import manager
Want to import a lot of images in one go?
Want to start visualizing an image while another one is being imported?
Want to cancel this import you ran by mistake?

You can. And much more.

Much more than images

Crystal clear organisation
Images represent samples, gathered into collections, organized in projects.

That’s it!

crystal clear organization

Bring your own files
Attach computation results to your images.
Attach experimental measurement data to your samples.
Attach a CAD model to your mechanical part collection.
Attach a report to your project.

Or anything else, possibilities are endless!

Multi-criteria search

Advanced search

Looking for that nasty tomographic image with ring artifacts?
Want to gather all those large 3D images you segmented in this project?
Need to delete the samples you scanned one year ago?

You’re welcome!
Find objects using their name, type, metadata, tags and so on.


If you need further information contact our team and ask for a trial version!

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