Software for digital material analysis

At Voxaya, we are passionate about two things: 3D imaging and materials.
We especially like porous materials, like rocks or ceramic matrix composites. These materials have a particularly complex geometry. Computing their properties from high resolution 3D images is very time- and memory consuming.
This is why Voxaya developed Voxilon, the workflow-driven numerical analysis software designed towards engineers studying porous materials.

Voxilon Key benefits


Voxilon is fast - Voxaya

Swiftly get representative data

from your high resolution 3D images with Voxilon’s tailored algorithms.


Voxilon is flexible - Voxaya

Never get stuck again

Keep on working while your most demanding computations are running, thanks to Voxilon’s modular architecture.


Voxilon is well organized - Voxaya

Organize your projects

Instantly access your images and data from your own secured database, within Voxilon’s easy-to-tame interface.

Key features

You can deploy Voxilon on multiple interfaces
  • Super fast absolute permeability
  • Effective diffusivity
  • Capillary pressure
  • Tortuosity
  • Total, effective and isolated porosity
  • Flexible asynchronous task manager
  • Easy-to-use 3D image processing
  • Intuitive 3D visualization


Voxilon crushes digital physics computations time and increases the investigated 3D volume. Saving both computational time and memory consumption. Voxilon is able to rapidly process very large and complex 3D images and accurately compute porous material properties, including permeability, capillary pressure, effective diffusivity and tortuosity.

Our team has been developing and optimizing tailored algorithms for 15 years with the CNRS and the University of Montpellier. Especially designed to handle large images of complex materials, integrated in a workflow-driven interface, these algorithms allow to drastically reduce digital physics computations and evaluate a material sample permeability in a handful of minutes only.

Voxilon enables you managing a large database of sample images and to process and analyze these images. Voxilon can be quickly deployed on high-performance computing platforms as well as single workstations.

Easy to deploy on a local network, Voxilon includes an asynchronous job manager. Unprecedently seen in this type of software, it enables you to continue visualizing and processing images while your most demanding computations are running.

Voxilon rock sample

Please contact our team for more details and advice on hardware requirements suitable to your needs.

Re-engineer 3D image analysis with us to push its performance to the next level!

What do people think about Voxilon ?

We want to integrate automated analysis on the production line to control the health of our [aircraft engine] components.
Voxilon makes quick computations that fulfill our needs.

Gautier Mécuson


CMC project manager at IRT Saint-Exupéry

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